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Understanding the FCC's Mandate for a Registered Agent in Washington D.C.

In the United States, every state prioritizes the ability to locate representatives of companies based in other states. The concept of an entity being hard to contact solely due to geographical borders is discouraged, particularly if said entity conducts business within the state. States emphasize accessibility for regulators, tax collectors, and their own citizens to easily identify a local representative for any company, regardless of its origin. Nevertheless, an exception exists for Telecommunication Companies. According to FCC regulations, Telecom Company Registered Agents must be publicly disclosed and maintain an office in the District of Columbia. This is precisely where our role becomes invaluable. We possess knowledge of the Registered Agents' identities and their respective locations.

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Prerequisites for Successful Service of Process Upon Registered Agents in the District of Columbia

The District of Columbia mandates formal personal delivery of documents for service (including Summons, Writs, Orders, Garnishments, Complaints, and Subpoenas). This stringent requirement is imperative as these documents entail legal obligations for the entities receiving them. Non-compliance with these legal documents can lead to significant penalties.

Understanding Service of Process of a Summons and Complaint Upon Registered Agents in Washington D.C. on behalf of a Telecommunication Company

Service of a Summons and Complaint on Washington D.C. Registered Agents is a legal procedure aimed at compelling a business entity to appear in court to address a lawsuit. This involves delivering the Complaint to the Registered Agent on behalf of the sued Telecommunication entity (the defendant), wherein the entity or individual initiating the lawsuit (the plaintiff) outlines their legal claims. Accompanied by a Summons, which mandates the defendant's response in court, specific requirements exist for serving a lawsuit on a Telecom company. To meet these requirements, plaintiffs and their attorneys consistently engage professional process servers.

Understanding Serving a Subpoena to a Registered Agent in Washington D.C. on behalf of a Telecommunications Company

A subpoena served at a Registered Agent's office in Washington, D.C. is a legal document that commands the entity it represents to appear as a witness at a specified time and place, or to produce documents or other tangible items relevant to a legal proceeding. Serving a subpoena on an entity through its registered agent is considered the same as serving the entity itself, and must be done in a timely manner in accordance with court deadlines.

The Essential Role of a Telecommunications Company's Registered Agent in Washington D.C.

The pivotal role of the Registered Agent in Washington D.C. representing a telecommunications entity revolves around receiving service of process of lawsuits, crucial legal notices, subpoenas, and lawsuits on behalf of the telecommunications company client.

Please TAKE NOTICE, there is a singularly correct way to serve the a Registered Agent in Washington D.C. on behalf of a Telecom Company!

The way you address or direct your documents is essential to effectuate a successful service upon D.C. Telecom Company Washington D.C. Registered Agent.

Here is the manner and proper wording of the document addressed to the Washington D.C. Telecom Company Registered Agent


The Name of the Telecommunication Company (Name / Entity)

c/o Registered Agent Name


Washington D.C., Postal Code

As you can see its very basic and simple formatting that is required. However, it is required and you must make sure you comply or your service will be declined.

Please remember to construct the address as follows:

1. The Name of the Telecommunications Corporate Entity you are serving process upon

2. You must have the words, In Care of, or c/o, of its Registered Agent

3. The address of the office where you want the serve the Telecom Company Registered Agent

4. Washington D.C., and the Postal Code

Kindly note, Washington D.C. Telecom Company Registered Agents are unable to accept your documents if there are any errors in the spelling or if any characters are missing from the name of the subject entity. Otherwise, the Telecommunications Company's D.C. Registered Agent will readily accept your documents and ensure their delivery to the appropriate authorized individual or department associated with the subject entity.

PLEASE BE INFORMED that there exist several incorrect approaches that can hinder your process serving upon a Washington D.C. Telecom Company's D.C. Registered Agent. Below is a list of common mistakes frequently encountered by law offices, which should be meticulously avoided.

1. Refrain from attempting to serve a corporate director or any individual employee by their personal name. Address your paperwork solely to the subject entity, with the Telecom Company's Washington D.C. Registered Agent listed in care of (c/o).

2. Avoid addressing the Telecom Company's Washington D.C. Registered Agent as the primary subject. Always prioritize listing the subject entity's name first, followed by the "in care of" (c/o) reference to the Telecom Company's Washington D.C. Registered Agent.

3. Ensure the exact spelling of the Telecom entity's name matches that in the D.C. Secretary of State records. Any misspelling or omission of characters will result in rejection of your service. Accuracy in both spelling and entity type (e.g., "LLC," "PA," "Inc.," "Corp," "LP," etc.) is crucial.

4. Confirm that the subject entity is properly referenced within the legal documents. In the case of court-issued documents, it's imperative to include the defendant/witness/respondent's name in the case style, summons, citation, order, writ, complaint, and/or subpoena.

To ensure the accurate service of legal process on a Registered Agent in Washington D.C. you can confidently rely on any listed Process Server in the District of Columbia in this directory.

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